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Words You Shouldn’t Have in Resume Writing


A lot of us while writing the resume is trying to do our best and to write well-known phrases and words. But are they useful?

6 Words You Need to Remove from Your Resume While Writing

Are you sure that your resume does not work against you? It would seem, how is this possible? After all, you have stated everything: experience, education, and skills. But, it turns out, that sometimes it’s better to avoid some familiar words and expressions in the resume because they cause negative emotions for recruiters. Here is a list of stop words – you’d rather remove them from your resume so that they do not restrain your career. To learn more about resume writing, you may go here https://writingpaper.org

Are You Sociable? Stress-Resistant? Say it in Another Way!

Let’s start with the words “sociable” and “stress-resistant.” They are used in resume writing so often that the HRs consider them worn and meaningless.

If you know how to get across to different people and work in stressful situations, try to describe these qualities in another way. Suppose you are a PR manager and among your achievements indicate that you have established close partnerships with a variety of media, including the federal level. In the section “Key skills” it is worth writing on the ownership of the methods of anti-crisis PR what indicates your stress-resistance and the ability to negotiate. Thus, don’t just tell about your qualities, but immediately confirm them.

I Love Cats

“I want/love/have …” – these verbs also have nothing to do with resume writing, especially in a context far from a particular post: “I have an apartment and two children”; “I love people in most of their manifestations, but I like cats a little bit more”; “I want to be a leader.” Such phrases do not matter regarding assessing your skills and raise doubts about your adequacy.

I Can Do Everything

Phrases like “I’m the best,” “I can do everything,” etc. in writing send a clear signal to the recruiter: the candidate has a problem with self-esteem, this person cannot name his or her basic professional skills. Such an applicant is unlikely to be invited for an interview. We advise to cross out this from the resume.

I Want a Lot of Money

Phrases such as “Big salary,” “I want a lot of money” are too superfluous for the resume writing, and work against the candidate, raising doubts about their adequacy and main purpose. If you want a position with a high salary, then specify specific figures in the field “Salary expectations.”

Beauty vs. Professionalism

Do not write about your “presentable appearance” or “external attractiveness.” For most vacancies, the incredible beauty of a candidate is far less important than his or her skills. And if you’re applying for a position where it matters (for example, a photo model or an actor/actress), then it is better to attach a photo or portfolio to the resume.

I Can Use a Stapler

It makes no sense to report on the resume of very obvious things, for example, about the ability to use the office equipment. In our time, few of the candidates for office positions do not know how to approach a computer or phone, so do not waste time on empty words.

Forget About the High Aptitude to Learning

We advise you to remove the words “high ability to learning” from the resume, as recruiters think that most often these words are written when there is nothing more to say.

This phrase looks especially surprising in the resume of specialists with 7-10 years of experience because after all, it would seem that by this time the applicant has long passed the stage of any internship. Of course, in a new job, any specialist will be involved at the first time, but this is not studied, but only about adaptation.

Even if you have just graduated from the University, the information that you are quickly given new knowledge and skills, it is better to inform the employer in another way, immediately confirming it. For example, say that you speak fluent Spanish or any other language. There are no significant achievements in studies? Just remove the phrase about high aptitude to learning.

Are you ready for the writing? Then do it, and send the resume! Good luck in your job search!




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