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Ways to Get on Nerves of Your Teacher


Hereby you will find out how to make the life of your teacher unbearable – solely as a scientific interest.

Ways and Reasons to Annoy Your Teacher

If you still admire adults for being perfect, flawless and who always do no harm to kids – it is time you opened your eyes.

Sometimes they just need to be mocked a bit to get down to Earth and stop thinking that they are somehow better than children they teach.

First of all, let’s think why you want to annoy your teacher, and the main reason for it:

  • Your teacher doesn’t like you and he or she keeps mocking you in front of a class;
  • His or her ideologies don’t match with your point of view and neither you or the teacher want to give up in convincing the class of their rightness;
  • Your teacher is an exclusive chatter-box. Instead of teaching you real stuff he or she talks about personal problems in life;
  • The teacher never notices you when you raise your hand in order to answer the question;
  • You constantly get the lowest grades in the class even if you do everything as your teacher requires for homework.

There is no way you should handle such a wanton insult. Here are some methods drive your teacher crazy about your actions but remain unpunishable for that.

Method #1. Raise your hand when a teacher asks a question. Naturally, he or she will ask you, but you just want to go to the bathroom, every time.

Method #2. Have the tiniest cursive so that the teacher will struggle a lot to read it.

Method #3. Have the whole class support you in having a prank on the teacher. When he or she comes into the class, just hide somewhere and never come up until he or she really get nervous.

Method #4.Count how many times your teacher will say “hm” and “em”. At the end of the lesson, present the total of “clever” sounds to the class.

Method #5. Tell your teacher how much you will miss him or her when he or she is retired.

Method #6. Say out loud how boring the classes are with the teacher. When they really are, why cannot you just say the truth? You can!

Method #7. Have a nice sleep in the class. If the teacher wakes you, say “oh, I didn’t notice you have finished talking already”. This will make him or her understand how meaningless and humdrum their lessons are.

Method #8. Comment everything the teacher has said and make it in a way to obstruct their speaking and everyone doubt in the teacher’s intelligence.

Method #5. Call him or her “Grandma” or “grandpa” and ask when they are retired already.

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Do not forget that all the actions you do now will have a reflection on the class and your teacher in the nearest future. If you feel like not doing another prank to annoy your teacher – do not do it. If you think a teacher doesn’t really realize he or she is discriminating you in some way – speak to them. Maybe they will listen. If not, you know what to do.




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