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Top 5 Countries For Outsourcing Business In 2017

In India, there are numerous business process outsourcing (BPO) organisations. The BPO sector is the most significant growth areas for India’s booming economy and also holds a huge chunk of the international BPO market. India is the most popular country for outsourcing, bpo jobs in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and many other metro cities are attracting numerous people. Although, bpo jobs are not only famous in India but also other countries. BPO companies are located in India because employees over here are ready to work at comparatively low cost. Moreover, companies across the world are reaching out to India because here the culture is full of intelligent, efficient, and hard-working individuals.

BPO companies are not only expanding in India but also in many other countries. Below, I have given a list of top countries for outsourcing business.


The Philippines have become a strong competitor in the outsourcing industry in the world. Just like India, this country has a low labour cost, highly skilled workforce, and language diversity. The Philippines has scored high on infrastructure, environment and tax and regulatory costs. Quality, Cost-effectiveness, and reliability is the best way to sum up this country’s provisions for bpo companies.


Other than attracting worldwide tourist, Thailand is also a hub for BPO companies. Thailand is a very popular outsourcing country because it has been deemed to be one of the most financially attractive countries in the world. Businessmen from around the world are investing in this country because of its low cost and high returns nature. The offshoring industry in these countries can offer huge talent at a low cost.


China is known for having the largest population in the world.,  Manufacturers and business professionals all across the globe have discovered that plenty of opportunities in China. This country can also steal a significant segment of India’s outsourcing revenue in the near future. Both India and China have a good majority of educated and youngsters who are looking out for good labour cost opportunities.


Malaysia is also one of best outsourcing destination. It has a very safe business environment with good quality human capital at a low cost and strong government support. In Malaysia, the talent pool and the number of shared services centres had created a conducive ecosystem that will ensure a consistent growth in terms of service value, as well as the maturity and capability of individuals delivering the services.

So these were some top countries providing numerous bpo jobs. Countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Bulgaria, and Chile are also know considered as BPO hubs. All these countries are booming numerous bpo jobs.




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