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Learn About the Exciting and Vibrant Career Option of Biotechnology


Education has changed drastically in the last decade. Many new fields of education have opened up to cater to the demands of various sectors. Biotechnology is one of them. It has been in the shadow for quite long. However, it has now reached a special place in various industries. It is a multifaceted course that can be done through either engineering (B.Tech) or science graduation (B.Sc).

What Is Biotechnology?   

The nature of this course can be clearly understandable by its name. The course is designed to impart knowledge about how can we use technology in the field of biology. You can find its use in various industries such as agriculture, genetics, medicines, food, etc. However, it never got the attention it deserved. The times have definitely changed. Several industries have seen a rapid increase in demand of students from this field. As a result, many students are now eager to get admission to this course for a promising career.

Companies have realized its true potential. Due to this, multiple biotechnology institutes in Rajasthan have opened up with great infrastructure and facility. It is the right time to pursue this course. The syllabus has gone through lots of changes and still getting changed every year to accommodate the latest technological advancement in this field. The influence of this course is huge to the overall benefit of the human society.

Some of the places where it is used extensively are:

  1. Industrial process
  2. Genetics
  3. Marine Life
  4. Medicines
  5. Food processing
  6. Technical Enzymes processing
  7. Transgenic plants

Where to Study It? 

Numerous organizations are available for students. It is up to you to decide whether you need to study the three-year course or the four-year course. Both of them differ slightly however, they both will equip you with the sound knowledge of biotechnology. You can easily apply at the best biotech institutes in Rajasthan for admission. Many colleges and universities short-list students through entrance exams. You should apply for the course at institutes that are renowned for their academic structure, infrastructure with a solid placement record.

This course is normally inclined more towards lab practices. For this reason, you will need to review the lab and its equipment condition of the several colleges and universities before picking the right one for your admission.

What Are The Career Prospects?        

Apart from getting jobs in various industries mentioned earlier in this article, research is the most sought after career option here. In India, most of the students don’t normally go for research due to various reasons. As hard it may sounds, this is among the few rare courses where you can earn handsomely doing your research. The scope is unlimited after doing research from the biotechnology institutes in Rajasthan.


It’s a tough course that requires plenty of patience and research. You will have to sit for long hours in the labs. It’s the perfect course for people who have a strong analytical skill and love biology. Go for it if you have a research mindset.  




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