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Brainstorm Advantages

Many People Heard about brainstorms, though not considering advantages of this troubleshooting method. This article tells exactly about its pros.

Main Advantages of the Brainstorm Method

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First, common activity of participants each having their own experience, view of the situation and knowledge, causes the synergetic effect which multiplies the effectiveness of the search for solutions.
Second, the process of the brainstorm itself has a great creative potential, the ability to transform into an interesting collective or even gaming activity.

And third, the friendly and positive environment of the brainstorm allows every participant not only to accept any criticism calmly and constructively, but to improvise and to use maximum of their abilities, too. It serves to strengthen trust and positive mood in the team as well.

Available statistical data perfectly demonstrates the brainstorm method’s effectiveness and explains its popularity among scientists, pedagogy workers, designers, managers, politicians and other specialists of different fields all over the world. Such collective work allows on getting really good and wonderful results.

Though, many scientists (especially psychologists) say, that if the job of the brainstorm participants is organized wrongly, results will be extremely low and the advantages of the method will not show themselves as they could. It is recommended to keep up to some simple rules in order to avoid that.

10 Rules of Effective Brainstorm

1. Pre-preparation. All the participants of the brainstorm are to get prepared for it beforehand. The task of the storm has to be formed and known 2-3 days before the activity is planned to be provided. This is the time for every participant to think on the problem standing before them, and to present some interesting ideas at the very beginning of the brainstorm.

2. Lots of participants. In order for the brainstorm to be effective, lots of people proposing more ideas are better to be invited to it. Results of such an approach can be really unexpected.

3. Precise task. Before starting the brainstorm, it is recommended to devote some time to discuss additional details of the investigated problem. This lets to tune everyone on the same wave, to make sure all the participants try to solve the same trouble, and to confirm that the task is shown correctly.

4. Notes. Notes are obligatory to be made during the whole “game”. Each participant should make them. This task can be done by the leader only, but they can lose, miss or not to notice something important. If everyone writes down the ideas, the overall list of solutions is guaranteed to be full and objective.

5. No criticism. This point is to be mentioned separately. Do not deny any idea that was proposed, even if it seems not to make sense at all. In most cases, after such ideas get reworked, detailed and made close to reality, they become solutions the brainstorm was provided for. Additionally, criticism always suppresses people, and this is not good for the brainstorming process.

6. Maximum ideas. Every participant needs to understand that they have to show up as many ideas as possible. Inexperienced team members can be shy to tell about their ideas, or to think on them silently. They should understand this to significantly lower the effectiveness of the whole method. Same thing works for cases when the solution seems to be found fast: team has to generate ideas during the whole time devoted to this stage of a brainstorm.

7. Involve other people. If there is a goal to create a list of 100 ideas during the storm, but you can’t get the number, it is possible to call people who don’t have any attitude to the brainstorm and to ask them about suggestions.

8. Ideas modification. Two or more ideas can be combined into one in order to get the best result. This trick is especially effective when there are different solutions offered by people of different status, position and rank.

9. Visualization. To help participants perceive ideas and to improve overall brainstorm results, there can be used marker boards, flash-panels, placards, schemes, tables etc.

10. Negative result. While looking for a solution (or even when it is already found), imagine the situation to develop in the completely opposite way and everything goes not as it was planned. This type of modeling can stimulate generation of additional ideas, and to prepare you to any situation both morally and psychically.

The brainstorm method can be used to solve problems and to find ways out of complicated situations anywhere: at work, at studying, with friends, with family, with sweethearts etc. The point is to know how to organize a process correctly, to try accounting all nuances and specifications of the trouble, and to keep up to the main stages and rules of the brainstorm mentioned above. Then, you’ll obligatory find the required solution.




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