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Guide to Choosing the Best Private School for Your Children

Almost all private schools in Australia require a candidate statement as a part of the application process for students who will be applying. You can simply fill out a copy of the application and send it to the school you are applying to, or even simpler use the online application form that can then be submitted electronically to the school.

1 – Academic and Intellectual Interests

For admission to the older grades, private school admissions committees will naturally be looking at the applicant’s grades, teachers’ comments, and test scores. These will help to display the academic strengths of each student, and areas in which students may need extra assistance. If you’re looking for the best private schools in Perth, choose only the best. Recommendations from previous teachers are also highly valued for the younger students, as well as behaviour during their school visits.

2 – Maturity, Personality and Experience

Schools look for students who will be positive members of the academic community. Admission committees look out for students who are open-minded, are curious and considerate. Most respectable private schools pride themselves on having a supportive and inclusive community, and wish for students who will contribute to making it even better. Maturity starts when students have the ability to express a desire to improve, grow, and become actively involved at school. This is certainly what an admission committee will look for. You can be certain that if your child shows no interest in being at the school, they will show no interest either.

3 – Fitting in

Admissions committees will consider students who will be able to fit in. They will accept children who will do their best at the school and who will be able to blend in easily with the school culture. They will also be more likely to accept applicants who have knowledge about the school, its mission, its classes, and what it has to offer. In Perth, W. Australia, http://www.kingsway.wa.edu.au are top notch in all matters regarding academic achievements for your child. They will be definitely less inclined to accept any student who knows practically nothing about the school, or who shows no interest in the school’s mission.

4 –Progressive, Positive and Supportive Parents

Many good parents are unaware that the parents themselves canhave an impact on their child’s candidacy at a private school. Most quality schools like to conduct an interview the parents, as they wish to get to know them and their interests. Are they willing to be involved in their child’s education, and develop a partnership with the school? Will they be supportive of their child in terms of helping to administer the expectations of the school?

5 – Extracurricular Interests and Activities

Schools will be considering applicants who display interest in activities outside of the school, should that be sports, music, drama, reading, or others. Parents and students should research what the options to participate in this activity are at the school they will be applying to, and ready to talk at the interview about this interest and how the school may be able to positively further it. With looking to the future, may you and your children prosper!